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Our story

May we briefly introduce ourselves? We are Ilumae – a young,  market-leading manufacturer of (flexible) light guides, light guide systems and light guide components as well as light sources. Today, numerous companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and architecture industries already trust in our high-quality products and in us as a supplier, even though the founding of our company doesn’t date back that far. But let’s start from the beginning.

Ilumae GmbH was founded on December 19, 2017 in Dresden (Saxony, Germany) and is still managed by Katharina Bohr.  They are backed by a group of European technology companies headquartered in France, Belgium and Germany. For them, Katharina Bohr realize the desire to share their complementary know-how and, thanks to the addition of their diverse skills, to develop light guides, light guide systems and light guide components as well as light sources that set entirely new quality standards in the market.

Ilumae’s success story is anything but a coincidence. It is the diffLUX® flexible diffusing light guides developed by Ilumae that constitute the company’s success. 

In manufacturing their light guides, the team led by Katharina Bohr relies on high-quality raw materials and a patented treatment to achieve excellent product quality. The diffuser light guides manufactured by Ilumae impress with their unsurpassed homogeneity and luminous efficacy. The diffusion of light is controlled so that the light output can be increased or decreased in a specific area of the guide, making Ilumae’s diffuser light guides the most efficient on the market.

In addition to their quality, Ilumae’s diffLUX® flexible diffusing light guides also impress with their excellent price-performance ratio: Ilumae does not have to incur high tooling costs when manufacturing the diffuser light guides. Unlike competitors, Ilumae can thus offer even small quantities of its light guides at particularly attractive prices. 

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